Nesrine Ben Hassine

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The genetic and morphological variations of Pomatoschistus tortonesei Miller, 1968 were studied in samples collected from three Tunisian lagoons. The morphological analysis included 18 morphometric measurements and was based on linear discriminant analysis (LDA), whereas the genetic analysis was based on the 16S-rRNA and COI mitochondrial genes. Both(More)
In recent years, a very large amount of scientific work has been achieved around Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS). Some industrial success stories (accelerometers, gyroscopes and MOEMS) have shown their maturity. MEMS are now starting to take place around us in our everyday life as the microelectronic did 20 years ago. However, a lot of effort is(More)
Machine learning techniques can be used to improve the quality of experience for the end users of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). In a CDN, the most popular video contents are cached near the end-users in order to minimize the contents delivery latency. The idea developed hereafter consists in using prediction techniques to evaluate the future popularity(More)
In Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), knowing the popularity of video content helps the manager to take efficient decisions about which video content should be cached near the end users and also about the duplication degree of each video to satisfy the end user Quality of Experience. This paper focuses on predicting the popularity of video content, in terms(More)
Game theory is a powerful tool that has recently been used in networks to improve the end users' quality of experience (e.g. decreased response time, higher delivery rate). In this paper, we propose to use game theory in the context of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to organize video contents into clusters having similar request profiles. The popularity(More)
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