Nesma Mahmoud Fahmy

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Simultaneous determination of miconazole (MIC), mometasone furaoate (MF), and gentamicin (GEN) in their pharmaceutical combination. Gentamicin determination is based on derivatization with of o-phthalaldehyde reagent (OPA) without any interference of other cited drugs, while the spectra of MIC and MF are resolved using both successive and progressive(More)
A novel spectrophotometric technique was developed for the simultaneous determination of ternary mixtures, without prior separation steps. This technique was called successive spectrophotometric resolution technique. The technique was based on either the successive ratio subtraction or successive derivative subtraction. The mathematical explanation of the(More)
Simultaneous determination of mixtures of lidocaine hydrochloride (LH), flucortolone pivalate (FCP), in presence of chlorquinaldol (CQ) without prior separation steps was applied using either successive or progressive resolution techniques. According to the concentration of CQ the extent of overlapping changed so it can be eliminated from the mixture to get(More)
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