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The nervous system ofPolystoma integerrimum was studied histochemically using acetylthiocholine iodide as a substrate. The nervous system consists of two cerebral ganglia which are connected by a transverse commissure. These ganglia give off five pairs of nerves anteriorly and four pairs posteriorly. The anterior nerves contribute to the formation of the(More)
Effect of shikonin, tapa and ecdysone was studied on the activity of alkaline phosphatase by biochemical and histochemical methods. Tepa and shikonin (sterilants) inhibited the enzyme activity while ecdysone slightly increased the activity. This behaviour has been discussed in the present paper.
The epidermis of the fully mature earthworms, Dendrobaena atheca, has been investigated both histomorphologically and histochemically. The epidermis is constructed of two main cell categories: the glandular and nonglandular. The former comprises albumen, and small and large mucous cells whereas the latter includes supporting, basal and sensory cells. All(More)
Only four types of the secretory neurones were observed in the thoracic ganglion of the fresh water crab, Potamon magnum magnum (Pretzman). These cells are classified as A, A', B and C types. Our results also confirmed that the B and B' types of cells (BAID et al. 1968) are one and the same type, the B cells. The B cells are of two forms, with and without(More)
The giant neurosecretory cells in the thoracic ganglion of the adult and juvenile crab, Potamon magnum magnum (Pretzman) were histochemically investigated. The secretion is mainly proteinaceous in nature, containing considerable amounts of acid mucosubstances, sulphate esters, lipids and a little carbohydrate but no glycogen. The detailed nature of(More)
The present study deals with acid and alkaline phosphatases activity determination in B cells of the thoracie ganglion of Potamon magnum magnum. Intense alkaline and acid phosphatases activity is seen in the neurosecretory granules as well as in the neural sheath. Acid phosphatase activity unlike alkaline phosphatase distribution, is seen in form of(More)
The lateral-line system of the subadult and adult Neurergus crocatus crocatus Cope is retained throughout the life. It is constructed of pear-shaped sense organs or neuromasts which in the subadults are confined entirely to the epidermis with their apices opening distally to the exterior at the general level of the epidermal surface whereas in the adults(More)
A-20-year old male, with no significant medical history, presented with clinical features mimicking a perforated acute appendicitis. Because of features of peritonitis, a laparotomy was performed which showed a segment of small bowel with multiple large diverticula and mesenteric cysts. A segmental small bowel resection was performed. The patient made an(More)