Nesanet Mitiku

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Checkpoints maintain the order and fidelity of the eukaryotic cell cycle, and defects in checkpoints contribute to genetic instability and cancer. Much of our current understanding of checkpoints comes from genetic studies conducted in yeast. In the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe (Sp), SpRad3 is an essential component of both the DNA damage and DNA(More)
We developed a comprehensive dataset that samples the mouse transcriptome every 6 hr, from gastrulation through organogenesis. We observe an abrupt increase in overall transcript diversity at the onset of organogenesis (e8.0); the genes that comprise these changes are preferentially clustered along chromosome 7 and contain a significant enrichment of Gli(More)
Vertebrates have three related Myb genes. The c-Myb protooncogene is required for definitive hematopoiesis in mice and when mutated causes leukemias and lymphomas in birds and mammals. The A-Myb gene is required for spermatogenesis and mammary gland proliferation in mice. The ubiquitously expressed B-Myb gene is essential for early embryonic development in(More)
Three Myb-related genes (A-Myb, B-Myb, and c- Myb) have been found in all vertebrates examined thus far including mammals, birds, and amphibians. Two invertebrates, the sea urchin and the fruit fly, have only one Myb-related gene. Our laboratory has used Drosophila as a model system to explore the function of its sole Myb gene. We have also reintroduced the(More)
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