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Our aim was to evaluate risk stratification model, European System for Cardiac Risk Evaluation (logistic EuroSCORE) for patients treated in clinical hospital. EuroSCORE is useful to separate patients into risk groups so that the mortality and morbidity risk can be compared. From 1st January 2006 to 31st July 2006 the total of 124 adults have been operated(More)
INTRODUCTION In this article we would like to make an institutional report and our early experience in video-assisted right minithoracotomy approach for mitral valve surgery. CASE REPORT Surgical technique include mitral valve repair or replacement through right lateral minithoracotomy, percutaneous cannulation for venous drainage and optional femoral or(More)
The aim of this study is to compare the effects of colloidal cardioplegia and blood cardioplegia in patients who underwent cardiac surgical procedures with cardiopulmonary bypass, and to evaluate their influence on hemodilution, bleeding and consumption of donor blood products in a retrospective clinical study. 100 male patients who underwent cardiac(More)
H istrical Pges cardiogram, suggesting coronary ostial involvement, were also observed. Echocardiography documented severe aortic regurgitation. Emergency root replacement with a valved conduit was performed with open distal repair at 24 8C, employing selective antegrade cerebral perfusion. Cardiopulmonary bypass, cardioplegic arrest and antegrade cerebral(More)
This study has been conducted in an effort to establish more suitable and accurate scoring model we use in everyday practice. Among the specific outcome prediction models, in 1989 Parsonnet et al elaborated a method of uniform risk stratification for evaluation of the results of cardiac surgery procedures. We have tested two forms of the Parsonnet score,(More)
Coronary artery spasm is one of the well-known causes of anginal chest pain. We presented the case of prolonged spasm of the left anterior descending coronary artery which happened during coronary angiography leading to pulse less state and low blood pressure with syncope and appearing of ventricular fibrillation on ECG. During one hour of successful(More)
Treatment of patients with "low output" syndrome is very complex as well as surgery method as well as post operative treatment. Surgery requests experience and well trained surgical team which is able to produce off pump revascularization of myocardium and in short period of time eliminate global contra effects of ischemia already damaged myocardium. In(More)
During knee arthroplasty, the leg is placed in several forced positions, which are mainly uncomfortable for all tissue structures in the region, including the vascular structures. Veins have a weaker quality of the wall structure than arteries, so during the forced position morphological and haemodynamic consequences are expected mainly in the venous(More)
should not be routinely included in the CPB circuit unless required intraoperatively. This rationale would also have cost-saving implications. Our study also suffers a number of limitations. First, despite all data being prospectively recorded, it has been analysed retrospectively. Second, the patients were not randomised into either of the two groups.(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to examine the impact of antibiotic consumption on development of antimicrobial resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study was conducted in University Clinical Center of Sarajevo. In our retrospective study Acinetobacter baumannii isolated in period from July 1st 2009 to December 31st 2012. Isolates(More)