Nermin Adel El Semary

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Prokaryotic organisms of the genus Mycoplasma are characterized by their small body and genome size containing a 0.6-1.35 M bp genome. The genome is noted for its low G+C frequency ranging from 8-40 mol%. The Mycoplasma genus stems from the class Mollicutes (for soft skin), which lacks the cell walls and external motility appendages often present in other(More)
Microscopic, molecular, and biochemical investigations were conducted to describe a benthic mat-forming Leptolyngbya isolate collected from wastewater canal in Helwan area, Egypt. Microscopic examination revealed that the isolate was filamentous, nonheterocystous, with obvious granular surface ornamentation. Electron microscopy was used to reveal the(More)
The antimicrobial activity of lipophilic extracts of mat-forming Phormidium-like cyanobacterium isolated from Egypt was investigated under different phosphate concentrations. The antimicrobial profile changed with different phosphate levels indicating metabolic changes under stressful conditions. The fractions that resulted in highest antimicrobial activity(More)
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