Nergiz Ercil Cagiltay

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Today meaning of games is much more serious than just considering them as an entertainment and free-time activity. Games have begun to be used in many different areas such as education, healthcare, military, corporate management and public policy for different purposes. Several benefits of serious games have been reported in the literature. Studies also(More)
This paper discusses the results of a study of the requirements for developing a remote RF laboratory. This study draws on the perspectives of educators in university electrical engineering departments and in technical colleges, on the teaching of the radio frequency (RF) domain. The study investigates how these educators would like the technical content of(More)
This paper reports the findings of a study conducted on a foreign language course at a large mid-west university in the USA. In the study a web-based tool which supports both linear and non-linear learning environments was designed and developed for this course. The aim of this study was to find out students’ preferences pertaining to the learning(More)
This paper presents, first, a short survey of remote laboratory initiatives in electrical and computer engineering, and then discusses design and development phases of remote laboratory environment on radio communications, the ERRL (European Remote Radio Laboratory). As being the first attempt in establishing of such a large scale remote laboratory on radio(More)
Designing and understanding of diagrammatic representations is a critical issue for the success of software projects because diagrams in this field provide a collection of related information with various perceptual signs and they help software engineers to understand operational systems at different levels of information system development process. Entity(More)
This paper discusses the results of a study of the requirements for developing a remote radio frequency (RF) laboratory for electrical engineering students. It investigates students' preferred usage of the technical content of a state-of-the-art RF laboratory. The results of this study are compared to previous findings, which dealt with other user groups(More)