Nerey Henry Mvungi

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Communication over wireless media is vulnerable to distortion by noise. Therefore, the application of error control mechanism is necessary to minimize the Bit Error Rate (BER). It is proposed to use locked binary convolutional code with Non-Transmittable codewords to enhance Viterbi Algorithm decoders; as one of the forward error correction mechanisms. The(More)
This paper presents a Simulation of Fuzzy Traffic Controller design for controlling Green Light time for effective traffic flow. Intelligent Traffic controllers are required these days to adjust to a situation of ever increasing traffic. Artificial Intelligence technique such as neuro-fuzzy systems, fixed time embedded controllers, etc. are available to(More)
The rapid urbanization of developing countries coupled with explosion in construction of high rising buildings and the high power usage in them calls for conservation and efficient energy program. Such a programme require monitoring of end-use appliances energy consumption in real-time. The worldwide recent adoption of smart-meter in smart-grid, has led to(More)
This paper describes networking concept using powerline networks from end users to primary substation to support voice and data communications. Different MAC protocols which are contention and contentionless based such as CSMA/CD, Aloha systems, CDMA, TDMA and FDMA are analysed to identify which protocol is appropriate for data communication from data(More)
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