Neophytos Neophytou

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Commodity graphics hardware boards (GPUs) have achieved remarkable speedups in various sub-areas of Computed Tomography (CT). This paper takes a close look at the GPU architecture and its programming model and describes a successful acceleration of Feldkamp's cone-beam CT reconstruction algorithm. Further, we will also have a comparative look at the new(More)
We describe a novel volumetric global illumination framework based on the Face-Centered Cubic (FCC) lattice. An FCC lattice has important advantages over a Cartesian lattice. It has higher packing density in the frequency domain, which translates to better sampling efficiency. Furthermore, it has the maximal possible kissing number (equivalent to the number(More)
Volumetric datasets are routinely produced in a great variety of application domains, with the most prominent being the medical field, both for clinical and educational purposes, and the computational sciences, for fluid flow and other types of simulations. More recent are applications for volumetric design, such as sculpting [1], as well as new data(More)
ÐThis paper describes Net-dbx, a tool that utilizes Java and other World Wide Web tools for the debugging of MPI programs from anywhere in the Internet. Net-dbx is a source-level interactive debugger with the full power of gdb (the GNU Debugger) augmented with the debug functionality of the public-domain MPI implementation environments. The main effort was(More)
A s digital photography grows at an increasing pace, so do the number of image-and color-manipulation tools and their capabilities. Currently, these tools are almost always confined to traditional 2D interfaces. Color, however , is a 3D entity, most naturally manipulated in a suitable 3D interface. Yet two hurdles have prevented these types of interfaces(More)