Nenggang Xie

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We show that the resolution of social dilemmas in random graphs and scale-free networks is facilitated by imitating not the strategy of better-performing players but, rather, their emotions. We assume sympathy and envy to be the two emotions that determine the strategy of each player in any given interaction, and we define them as the probabilities of(More)
A novel path planning approach based on ACO was presented aiming at mobile robots in structured environments. The information of environment constrains and path length was integrated in the fitness function which was computed by neural network, the path nodes were viewed as an ant, so with the quality of optimization of ant colony optimization algorithm,(More)
Parrondo's games were first constructed using a simple tossing scenario, which demonstrates the following paradoxical situation: in sequences of games, a winning expectation may be obtained by playing the games in a random order, although each game (game A or game B) in the sequence may result in losing when played individually. The available Parrondo's(More)
For the first arm of a GTRC-15 Demolition Robot, this paper uses a sliding mode variable structure controller to control the movement of the working device based on the exponential reaching law. The simulation results show that under the unit step signal, the steady-state error and stability of the system based on the exponential reaching law are better(More)
For the search task in a circular region of multiple mobile robots, the paper put forward covering-feature of search environment and formation integrity as two objective functions for multiple robots. Searching region area and the distance between formation geometric center of multiple robots and the circular region center were used to express quantitative(More)
It established multi-objective optimal mathematic model and did research on solving methods based on game theory. First, n robots specified n players. Second, it decomposed the design variables set and took the design variables set of paths which belonged to each robot as strategy space of the corresponding players. Third, it established mapping(More)
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