NengSheng Zhang

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Lately, the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) in the city, known as City VRP, has gained popularity with its importance in city logistics. Similar to city logistics, City VRP mainly differs from conventional VRP in terms of the stakeholders involved, namely the shipper, carrier, resident, and administrator. Accordingly, this paper surveys the City VRP(More)
The decomposition method in multiobjective evolutionary algorithms (MOEA/D) is an effective approach to evolve solutions along predefined weight vectors for solving multiobjective optimization problems (MOPs). However, obtaining evenly distributed weight vectors for different types of MOPs is a challenge problem especially when the true Pareto fronts (PFs)(More)
Due to the complex nature and numerous interacting factors that contributes to the increased vulnerability of supply chains, traditional methods have been found to be inadequate for Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM). Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation (ABMS), an agent-oriented approach to model and simulate complex adaptive systems, represents a recent(More)
Route mining for busy waterways is a challenging task. Complicated shipping routes may be generated due to vessels of different types congesting in a narrow water way, frequently changing navigational direction and weaving through multiple crossing traffic. The traditional way using visual bearing and ship-stationed techniques may mitigate hazards of ship(More)
In an RFID-assisted track and trace information network, the same set of data may be stored in distributed locations. Data conflicts occur when the values of distributed data copies are modified locally with different values causing data inconsistency. In order to restore data consistency, the values of distributed data copies have to be synchronized to the(More)
It is known that human teams assisted by a computer software system can make planning more accurately and quickly in uncertain situations than teams of just people. Therefore, there are a lot of planning systems developed based on the traditional theories such as rational choice theories and rule-based expert systems which mainly focused on human(More)
Indicator-based evolutionary algorithm (IBEA1) is a fast and effective approach for solving multiobjective optimization problems (MOPs). In the classical IBEA1, the parameter κ is predefined to amplify or shrink the indicator differences on pairwise solutions. However, the value of κ in IBEA1 needs to be carefully calibrated based on the(More)
To develop an effective and rapid method for the preparation of ergosterol from a strain of Paecilomyces hepialid, the ethyl acetate extract of the mycelia was injected into a high-speed counter-current chromatograph (HSCCC) directly, and eluted with different solvent systems. The result showed that the solvent system composed of n-hexane-ethyl(More)
With the technological change in digital color data processing, the color management based on ICC (international color consortium) profiles becomes a new strategy in the printing industry. However, this change is driving to reengineer the color reproduction workflows and how to help printing companies in improving their printing processes by means of color(More)
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