Neng-Sheng Pai

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As far as the general license plate number recognition system is concerned, the traditional image recognition function is so often subjected to external factors that the license plate number recognition accuracy is greatly reduced. The factors such as light, weather, and dirty spots on the plate will produce the so-called miscellaneous points and the(More)
This paper aims to develop a cerebellar model articulation controller (CMAC)-based 3-axis accelerometer fall detection algorithm and apply in smart Omni-directional mobile robot. When elderly at home or the rehabilitation patients in at hospital rehabilitation, the proposed robot can follow the user with the function of Obstacle-Avoidance. The proposed(More)
This paper focuses on the chaos control problem of the unified chaotic systems with structured uncertainties. Applying Schur-complement and some matrix manipulation techniques, the controlled uncertain unified chaotic system is then transformed into the linear matrix inequality LMI form. Based on Lyapunov stability theory and linear matrix inequality LMI(More)
The paper demonstrates a following robot with omni-directional wheels, which is able to take action to avoid obstacles. The robot design is based on both fuzzy and extension theory. Fuzzy theory was applied to tune the PMW signal of the motor revolution, and correct path deviation issues encountered when the robot is moving. Extension theory was used to(More)
This paper designs and implements an automatic parking system for car-like robot. The car-like robot uses Arduino micro control unit as the core for system integration and data computation. It controls peripheral hardware of the car body, including DC motor and driver module, servo motor, ultrasonic range sensor, and Bluetooth module. The image processing(More)
This paper proposes the research and development of an Android-based mobile platform with a quadrotor control and quadrotor flight controller. The proposed Android-based mobile platform has the following advantages: (1) with Android remote controller has a bidirectional transmission function, which can transmit flight directives to the quadrotor and receive(More)
This paper presents an adaptive fuzzy sliding mode control (AFSMC) scheme for chaos control of Lorenz system. In this scheme, the reaching law required to drive the system states of Lorenz system to the sliding surface is inferred by an adaptive technique and a set of fuzzy logic rules based upon the output of a sliding mode controller (SMC). The(More)