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Twitter's data centers process billions of events per day the instant the data is generated. To achieve real-time performance, Twitter has developed Heron, a streaming engine that provides unparalleled performance at large scale. Heron has been recently open-sourced and thus is now accessible to various other organizations. In this paper, we discuss the(More)
Apache Kafka is a scalable message broker, and Apache Samza is a stream processing framework built upon Kafka. They are widely used as infrastructure for implementing personalized online services and real-time predictive analytics. Besides providing high throughput and low latency, Kafka and Samza are designed with operational robustness and long-term(More)
A smart grid is modernized electrical equipment that uses analog or digital information in an automated fashion to improve the efficiency, reliability, economics, and sustainability of the production and distribution of electricity. The main challenges of smart grids, however, to manage different types of front-end intelligent devices such as power assets(More)
Twitter generates tens of billions of events per hour when users interact with it. Analyzing these events to surface relevant content and to derive insights in real-time is a challenge. To address this, we developed Heron, a new real time distributed streaming engine. In this paper, we first describe the design goals of Heron and show how the Heron(More)
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