Neng-Huang Pan

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In this paper we proposed a statistical prosody model with hierarchical structure for Mandarin Text-to-Speech (TTS) system. There are four levels in our model: syllable level, word level, breath group (prosodic phrase) level, and utterance level. Here " hierarchy " means that each lower level is a subset of a higher level. The prosodic information is first(More)
ኴ૞ ‫؀‬፿ຑଃ᧢ᓳംᠲ੡ઔߒ‫؀‬፿֮᠏ଃߓอऱૹ૞ംᠲհԫΖ‫ဲڇ‬ऱၸᐋΔՕ‫ڍ‬ ᑇऱဲຟᙅ༛ဲ‫ءݠ‬ᓳΔॺဲ‫᧢ݠ‬ᓳऱԫ౳᧢ᓳ๵ঞΖ‫؁ڇ‬՗ऱၸᐋΔ‫؀‬፿ऱຑଃ ᧢ᓳംᠲᄎ᧢൓ֺለᓤᠧΔ‫ڂ‬੡ԫ౳᧢ᓳ๵ঞࠀլ౨‫٤ݙ‬ᔞ‫؁ڇش‬խऱ‫ޢ‬ଡဲՂΖ
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