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In this paper we proposed a statistical prosody model with hierarchical structure for Mandarin Text-to-Speech (TTS) system. There are four levels in our model: syllable level, word level, breath group (prosodic phrase) level, and utterance level. Here " hierarchy " means that each lower level is a subset of a higher level. The prosodic information is first(More)
In recent years, due to the popularity of Internet, more and more people use online dictionaries instead of the traditional dictionaries. However, the functions of the existing online Mandarin-Taiwan dialects dictionaries are not complete enough. We developed Mandarin-Taiwan dialects (MinNan and Hakka) online audio dictionaries with speech synthesis(More)
ኴ૞ ‫؀‬፿ຑଃ᧢ᓳംᠲ੡ઔߒ‫؀‬፿֮᠏ଃߓอऱૹ૞ംᠲհԫΖ‫ဲڇ‬ऱၸᐋΔՕ‫ڍ‬ ᑇऱဲຟᙅ༛ဲ‫ءݠ‬ᓳΔॺဲ‫᧢ݠ‬ᓳऱԫ౳᧢ᓳ๵ঞΖ‫؁ڇ‬՗ऱၸᐋΔ‫؀‬፿ऱຑଃ ᧢ᓳംᠲᄎ᧢൓ֺለᓤᠧΔ‫ڂ‬੡ԫ౳᧢ᓳ๵ঞࠀլ౨‫٤ݙ‬ᔞ‫؁ڇش‬խऱ‫ޢ‬ଡဲՂΖ
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