Nenad Marovac

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Embedded program documentation, i.e. documentation included in computer programs within program comments, typically does not follow any formal standards or conventions with regards to its contents and structure.Software development organizations do not enforce any standards covering the information content or format of the embedded documentation. At best(More)
The use of interactive computer graphics in CAD applications requires a great deal of programming effort. To avoid this effort many general display handlers and graphic languages have been written. They enable programming on a higher level as well as calls in a higher level programming language but they suffer from three disadvantages: they are oriented too(More)
Document recognition is a task in which a document in its physical presentation format is transformed into a structured author-oriented model of the document. The presentation format can be bitmaps of document pages, a description of the document in a Page Description Language (PDL), or encoding of the document in a printer or graphics language. The(More)
In supporting groups working on development of large software programs we identify three classes of tools:1. CASE tools: tools which are used directly in the program development (specification, design, implementation, and testing).2. environment tools: tools which together are and effect the development environment, i.e. tools used in organizing and(More)