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Internet data traffic capacity is rapidly reaching limits imposed by optical fiber nonlinear effects. Having almost exhausted available degrees of freedom to orthogonally multiplex data, the possibility is now being explored of using spatial modes of fibers to enhance data capacity. We demonstrate the viability of using the orbital angular momentum (OAM) of(More)
We present an endomicroscope apparatus that utilizes structured illumination to produce high resolution (approximately 2.6 microm) optically sectioned fluorescence images over a field of view of about 240 microm. The endomicroscope is based on the use of a flexible imaging fiber bundle with a miniaturized objective. We also present a strategy to largely(More)
We present an endomicroscope apparatus that exhibits out-of-focus background rejection based on wide-field illumination through a flexible imaging fiber bundle. Our technique, called HiLo microscopy, involves acquiring two images, one with grid-pattern illumination and another with standard uniform illumination. An evaluation of the image contrast with(More)
INTRODUCTION Dislodgement and embolization of the new generation of coronary stents before their deployment are rare but could constitute a very serious complication. CASE OUTLINE We report a case of a stent dislodgement into the left main coronary artery during the primary coronary intervention of infarct related left circumflex artery in a patient with(More)
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