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Internet data traffic capacity is rapidly reaching limits imposed by optical fiber nonlinear effects. Having almost exhausted available degrees of freedom to orthogonally multiplex data, the possibility is now being explored of using spatial modes of fibers to enhance data capacity. We demonstrate the viability of using the orbital angular momentum (OAM) of(More)
We present an endomicroscope apparatus that utilizes structured illumination to produce high resolution (approximately 2.6 microm) optically sectioned fluorescence images over a field of view of about 240 microm. The endomicroscope is based on the use of a flexible imaging fiber bundle with a miniaturized objective. We also present a strategy to largely(More)
We present an endomicroscope apparatus that exhibits out-of-focus background rejection based on wide-field illumination through a flexible imaging fiber bundle. Our technique, called HiLo microscopy, involves acquiring two images, one with grid-pattern illumination and another with standard uniform illumination. An evaluation of the image contrast with(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM Up-to-date treatment of acute myocardial infarction (AIM) has been based on as early as possible establishment of circulation in ischemic myocardium whether by the use of fibrinolythic therapy and/or urgent coronary intervention which significantly changes the destiny of patients with AMI, but also increases the risk of bleeding. The aim of(More)
HiLo microscopy is a widefield fluorescence imaging technique that provides depth discrimination by combining two images, one with non-uniform illumination and one with uniform illumination. We discuss the theory of this technique and a variety of practical implementations in brain-tissue imaging and fluorescence endomicroscopy.
We propose a measurement protocol and parameter estimation algorithm to recover the powers and relative phases of each of the vector modes present at the output of an optical fiber that supports the HE₁₁, TE₀₁, HE₂₁, and TM₀₁ modes. The measurements consist of polarization filtered near-field intensity images that are easily implemented with standard(More)
We present a fiber-based method for generating vortex beams with a tunable value of orbital angular momentum from -1ℏ to +1ℏ per photon. We propose a new (to our knowledge) method to determine the modal content of the fiber and demonstrate high purity of the desired vortex state (97% after 20 m, even after bends and twists). This method has immediate(More)
INTRODUCTION The optimal revascularization strategy for unprotected left main coronary disease (ULMCD) is the subject of ongoing debate and patients with ULMCD still represent a challenge for interventionalist, especially in the setting of an acute coronary syndome (ACS). CASE REPORT We presented two cases of percutaneous treatment of ULMCD in the(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM Chronic heart failure (CHF) is highly prevalent and constitutes an important public health problem around the world. In spite of a large number of pharmacological agents that successfully decrease mortality in CHF, the effects on exercise tolerance and quality of life are modest. Renal dysfunction is extremely common in patients with CHF and(More)