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We calculate the mutual information function for each of the 24 chromosomes in the human genome. The same correlation pattern is observed regardless the individual functional features of each chromosome. Moreover, correlations of different scale length are detected depicting a multifractal scenario. This fact suggest a unique mechanism of structural(More)
An imaging photopolarimeter aboard Pioneer 11, including a 2.5-centimeter telescope, was used for 2 weeks continuously in August and September 1979 for imaging, photometry, and polarimetry observations of Saturn, its rings, and Titan. A new ring of optical depth < 2 x 10(-3) was discovered at 2.33 Saturn radii and is provisionally named the F ring; it is(More)
The solar flux radiometer aboard the Pioneer Venus large probe operated successfully during its descent through the atmosphere of Venus. Upward, downward, and net fluxes from 0.4 to 1.0 micrometers were obtained at more than 390 levels between 185 millibars (at an altitude of approximately 61 kilometers) and the surface. Fluxes from 0.4 to 1.8 micrometers(More)
For 2 weeks continuous imaging, photometry, and polarimetry observations were made of Jupiter and the Galilean satellites in red and blue light from Pioneer 11. Measurements of Jupiter's north and south polar regions were possible because the spacecraft trajectory was highly inclined to the planet's equatorial plane. One of the highest resolution images(More)
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