Nelson Sousa

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PURPOSE To compare functional fitness (FF) levels among independent-living (IL) and day care (DC) elderly women of different age groups and to analyze changes in FF after 8 months of participation in an exercise program intervention for the IL elderly women. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 674 elderly women were divided into four IL groups with age in(More)
Agility refers to the manufacturing system ability to rapidly adapt to market and environmental changes in efficient and cost-effective ways. This paper addresses the development of self-organization methods to enhance the operations of a scheduling system, by integrating scheduling system, configuration and optimization into a single autonomic process(More)
The crystal structure of the elicitin beta-cinnamomin (beta-CIN) was determined in complex with ergosterol at 1.1 A resolution. beta-CIN/ergosterol complex crystallized in the monoclinic space group P2(1), with unit cell parameters of a = 31.0, b = 62.8, c = 50.0 A and beta = 93.4 degrees and two molecules in the asymmetric unit. Ligand extraction with(More)
AIMS The purpose of the present study was to compare different modes of exercise in chronic modification of cardiovascular diseases risk factors. METHODS A total of 48 healthy elderly men were randomly assigned to an aerobic training group (n = 15, aged 71.7 ± 4.7 years), a combined (aerobic and resistance) training group (n = 16, aged 68.5 ± 3.5 years)(More)
AIM The present randomized controlled trial evaluated the impact of different exercise training modalities on functional fitness responses in apparently healthy older men. METHODS A total of 59 community-dwelling older men were randomly assigned to an aerobic training group (ATG, n=19), a combined aerobic and resistance training group (CTG, n=20) or a(More)
During the last half century scientific data have been accumulated, through epidemiological and clinical studies that clearly document the significant health benefits associated with regular physical activity. This paper will analyse the latest recommendations for prescribing exercise in all age groups in healthy subjects and to individuals with chronic(More)
PURPOSE To develop, implement and validate an instrument for assessing the functional and social performance of young male adults with lower limb amputees based on the international classification of functionality, incapacity, and health. METHODS Developed the instrument, the items were grouped into domains (organic aspects - OA, daily activities - DA,(More)
Swarm Intelligence (SI) is a growing research field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). SI is the general term for several computational techniques which use ideas and get inspiration from the social behaviours of insects and of other animals. This paper presents hybridization and combination of different AI approaches, like Bio-Inspired Techniques (BIT),(More)