Nelson P. Trujillo

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In 145 cases of intraabdominal disease, a laparotomy was considered the next diagnostic step, but peritoneoscopy was performed instead. In 37 cases with a suspicion of metatastic carcinoma, peritoneoscopy with guided biopsy demonstrated carcinoma in 29. In 32 cases, with biopsy-proven cirrhosis of the liver with high suspicion of a hepatoma, peritonescopy(More)
The accuracy of the different esophagoscopic and gastroscopic technics for the diagnosis of hiatal hernia has been evaluated in 200 patients. Intragastric and intraesophageal pressures during endoscopic examination and Valsalva maneuver and studies to localize the diaphragmatic hiatus and to determine the presence of gastroesophageal reflux were performed(More)
To characterize the CEA in colonic effluent, anti-CEA monoclonal antibody COL-4 was used in a qualitative radioimmunoassay in both fractionated and unfractionated colonic effluent. Both effluent samples and tissue extracts, were subjected to Western blotting and tissue sections to immunohistochemistry. Quantitative levels of colonic effluent CEA were(More)
an alternative to examination of the liver at laparotomy. The results indicate that the yield of positive biopsies is similar to the series reported from Stanford, and in both studies the patients at risk of having liver involvement are those with preoperative evidence of disease below the diaphragm. If careful study of the data evolving from staging(More)
Diazepam was administered as an adjunct to endoscopic premedication in 260 patients undergoing examination in both in- and outpatient settings. The technic entailed intravenous administration of diazepam plus meperidine just prior to instrumentation. Satisfactory results were obtained in 87.7% of the subjects (179 patients). Intravenous diazepam alone was(More)
UNLABELLED The use of lung scintigraphy in evaluating suspected pulmonary embolism (PE) is controversial. Several diagnostic methods have been described for lung scans, of which the most widely applied uses 99mTc-MAA for perfusion, 133Xe for ventilation and PIOPED diagnostic criteria. This study evaluates the accuracy of lung scintigraphy using an(More)