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Given a simple weighted undirected graph G = 3 such that ||xu − xv|| = duv for each {u, v} ∈ E. We show that under a few assumptions usually satisfied in proteins, the MDGP can be formulated as a search in a discrete space. We call this MDGP subclass the Discretizable MDGP (DMDGP). We show that the DMDGP is NP-hard and we propose a solution algorithm called(More)
Given an undirected graph G with penalties associated with its vertices and costs associated with its edges, a Prize Collecting Steiner (PCS) tree is either an isolated vertex of G or else any tree of G, be it spanning or not. The weight of a PCS tree equals the sum of the costs for its edges plus the sum of the penalties for the vertices of G not spanned(More)
This work presents an integer programming formulation for a variant of the Class-Teacher Timetabling problem, which considers the satisfaction of teacher preferences and also the proper distribution of lessons throughout the week. The formulation contains a very large number of variables and is enhanced by cuts. Therefore, a cut and column generation(More)
We propose a new speed and departure time optimization algorithm for the Pollution-Routing Problem (PRP) which runs in quadratic time. This algorithm is embedded into an iterated local search-based metaheuristic to achieve a combined speed, scheduling and routing optimization. Extensive computational experiments are conducted on classic PRP benchmark(More)
Distance geometry problems arise from the need to position entities in the Euclidean K-space given some of their respective distances. Entities may be atoms (molecular distance geometry), wireless sensors (sensor network localization), or abstract vertices of a graph (graph drawing). In the context of molecular distance geometry, the distances are usually(More)
Euclidean distance geometry is the study of Euclidean geometry based on the concept of distance. This is useful in several applications where the input data consist of an incomplete set of distances and the output is a set of points in Euclidean space realizing those given distances. We survey the theory of Euclidean distance geometry and its most important(More)