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Low voltage DC microgrids have been widely used for supplying critical loads, such as data centers and remote communication stations. Consequently, it is important to ensure redundancy and enough energy capacity in order to support possible increments in load consumption. This is achieved by means of expansion of the energy storage system by adding extra(More)
A microgrid is an integration of distributed energy sources, loads and energy storage systems. Indeed, energy storage systems are required in order to ensure reliability and power quality because of the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources and changes of load demand. Apart from that, the use of distributed energy storage units provides redundancy(More)
This document proposes a new defuzzfication methodology known as DBR (Defuzzification based on Boolean Relations), which is applied in this case, to a VSC HVDC system in order to control the active and reactive power flow. First, a brief dynamic study is presented in order to show the nonlineari-ties and the work operation range, next, is justified the(More)
Grid-connected microgrids with storage systems are reliable configurations for critical loads which can not tolerate interruptions of energy supply. In such cases, some of the energy resources should be scheduled in order to coordinate optimally the power generation according to a defined objective function. This paper defines a generationside power(More)
This paper proposes an energy management system for coordinating distributed prosumers. The prosumers are residential microgrids which internally produce and consume energy for autonomous operation. However, better performance is achieved by cooperative operation with other prosumers neighbors. Experimental results validate the proposed strategy.
There are many applications where electrically conductive plastic patterns are needed. The most usual way to make electrically conductive patterns is coating a plastic part by a thin layer of metal. It’s well known the different procedures for metalizing plastic parts but most of them aim to obtain either aesthetic or functional metallic coating(More)
Compressive hyperspectral imaging systems (CSI) capture the three-dimensional (3D) information of a scene by measuring two dimensional (2D) using a small set of coded focal plane array (FPA) compressive measurement. A reconstruction algorithm takes advantage of the compressive measurements sparsity to recover the 3D data cube. Traditionally, CASSI uses(More)
Different methods have been proposed to design Series Resonant Converters (SRC) based on the experience of designers and theoretical procedures. However, SRC either Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) or Zero Current Switching (ZCS) states do not bring enough information about power switching losses of its circuit parameters, and have complicated tank waveforms(More)
Concrete constructions must be designed to last over time while maintaining their mechanical integrity and conditions of service during the service life they have been projected. In this regard, the evaluation of concrete and its constituents in laboratory and field tests is therefore essential to ensure the service conditions required to the concrete. The(More)
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