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The Raman gain based polarization pulling process in a copropagating scheme is investigated. We map the degree of polarization, the angle between the signal and pump output Stokes vectors, the mean signal gain and its standard deviation considering the entire Raman gain bandwidth. We show that, in the undepleted regime (signal input power ~ 1 μW), the(More)
We propose an in-line wavelength selective core switch for multicore fiber (MCF) transmission systems, based on the acousto-optic effect. A theoretical model addressing the interaction between flexural acoustic waves and the optical signal in MCFs is developed. We show that an optical signal propagating in a particular core can be switched to any other core(More)
We review the research progress concerning some fundamental issues related to polarization-mode dispersion (PMD) in high-speed fiber-optic transmission systems. We pay particular attention to issues such as the PMD-induced pulse broadening , PMD measurement and emulation, as well as PMD compensation. An electrical equalization technique based on a(More)
A numerical method to generate frequency-shaped noise is proposed. Using this method, a model describing the optical noise originated by Raman amplification in optical fibers is presented. The numerical simulations for the amplified spontaneous emission noise power spectrum were corroborated with experimental results.
We review recently proposed nonlinear mitigation methods based on a frequency-domain Volterra series expansion for high-speed and long-haul optical transmission systems. Using a symmetric kernel reconstruction we derive a set of parallel frequency-domain filters that constructively add up to rebuild the matrix-based Volterra series nonlinear equalizer(More)
We propose a space-demultiplexing algorithm based on signal analysis in higher-order Poincaré spheres for optical transmission systems supported by space-division multiplexing. This algorithm is modulation format agnostic and does not require training sequences. We show that any arbitrary pair of tributaries signals can be represented in a higher-order(More)
Digital signal processing (DSP) is nowadays a key enabling technology in coherent optical transmission systems, triggering an increasing research effort on the development and optimization of DSP subsystems. The first DSP development step is often based on the use of simulation tools and offline processing of experimental data. Complementarily, real-time(More)
A best fitting plane method and its application for Stokes space based polarization demultiplexing of a PDM-QPSK signal is presented. In particular, we investigate the dynamics of the normal vector to the plane, and the way its orientation depends on the step-size parameter of the method, among other parameters. It is also analysed how the performance of(More)
We demonstrate an hardware implementation of nonlinear equalization algorithms, numerically assessed using a polarization-multiplexed 16 quadrature amplitude modulation (PM-16QAM) transmission system. Nonlinear equalization is based on split-step Fourier (SSF) method and on a simplified Volterra series nonlinear equalizer (simVSNE). Hardware implementation(More)