Nelson H. F. Beebe

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Integrals with logarithmic singularities are often difficult to evaluate by numerical methods. In this work, a quadrature method is developed that allows the exact evaluation (up to machine accuracy) of integrals of polynomials with two general types of logarithmic weights. The total work for the determination of <i>N</i> nodes and points of the quadrature(More)
The TUG’2001 Font Panel convened on Thursday, August 16, 2001, with members William Adams, Nelson H. F. Beebe (chair), Barbara Beeton, Hans Hagen, Alan Hoenig, and Ross Moore, with active participation by several attendees in the audience. The list of topics that was projected on the screen makes up the sectional headings in what follows, and the topics are(More)
A collection of subroutines and examples of their uses are described for the quadrature method developed in the companion article. These allow the exact evaluation (up to computer truncation and rounding errors) of integrals of polynomials with two general types of logarithmic weights, and also with the corresponding nonlogarithmic weights. The recurrence(More)
TEX has lasted longer than many other computer software technologies. This article reviews some of the history of TEX and METAFONT, how they have come to be used in practice, and what their impact has been on document markup, the Internet, and publishing. TEX has several design deficiencies that limit its use and its audience. We look at what TEX did right,(More)
This document describes techniques for speeding up matrix multiplication on some high-performance computer architectures, including the IBM RS-6000, the IBM 3090/600S-VF, the MIPS RC3240 and RC6280, the Stardent 3040, and the Sun SPARCstation. The methods illustrate general principles that can be applied to the inner loops of scientific code.