Nelson Gama

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Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of blindness in the Western world. With an ageing population, it is anticipated that the number of AMD cases will increase dramatically, making a solution to this debilitating disease an urgent requirement for the socioeconomic future of the European Union and worldwide. The present paper reviews(More)
Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) has become the best and most adopted practice framework to implement IT Service Management (ITSM) within organizations. Service Catalog is a fundamental basis in ITIL adoption because it is the source of information about services. However, organizations often fail in service identification activity,(More)
The Enterprise Architecture (EA) approach usually considers a set of motivational concepts that are used to model the reasons and motivations that underlie the design and change of organizations, which corresponds to their Business Motivation Model (BMM). Likewise, this BMM is also present in organizations that provide IT services. However, although ITIL(More)
According to Enterprise Architecture (EA) approaches, organizations have motivational concepts that are used to model the motivations that underlie its design or change, which represent the or-ganization's Business Motivation Model (BMM). Likewise, this BMM is also present in the organizations who provide IT services. ITIL has become a reference for IT(More)
Business/IT alignment has become one of the most relevant concerns on organizations. Enterprise Architecture (EA) and ITIL, two distinct governance approaches with different perspectives, have become recently dominant between practitioners. However, parallel EA and ITIL projects can lead to wasted resources and a duplication of costs and efforts. In this(More)
Organizations are struggling to adopt practices that allow the best results trying to achieve alignment between IT and an organization's concepts and dimensions, pursuing efficiency and effectiveness. Therefore, the structure of an IT organization is fundamental. However, despite the recognized importance of IT organizational structure and the efforts made(More)
Providing constant IT services quality has become fundamental for organisations to achieve success and customer satisfaction. Information Technology Service Management's (ITSM) main goal is to guarantee IT services quality. Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) has become the most adopted best practice framework to implement ITSM within(More)
Enterprise Architecture (EA) and IT Service Management (ITSM) are two complementary IT governance approaches, with distinct IT and organizational perspectives. Nowadays, ITIL is the de facto standard for implementing ITSM. However, it is still unclear how to measure the value that ITIL brings to organizations. This paper addresses the EA of organizations(More)