Nelson Franco

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Dynamic near-infrared optical tomographic measurement instrumentation capable of simultaneous bilateral breast imaging, having a capability of four source wavelengths and 32 source-detector fibers for each breast, is described. The system records dynamic optical data simultaneously from both breasts, while verifying proper optical fiber contact with the(More)
Flap necrosis is one of the major complications of reconstructive surgery and sildenafil citrate has been shown to decrease flap necrosis in preclinical animal models. However, the mechanisms underlying sildenafil's therapeutic efficacy are not known. As with other phosphodiesterase 5 selective inhibitors, sildenafil causes vasodilation and enhanced blood(More)
In December 2003 the MPS. BR Program was launched aiming at establishing and disseminating a software process reference model -- the MPS-SW -- allowing both micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and large organizations to achieve the benefits of process improvement. Nowadays, ten years later, the achieved results exceed MPS. BR's predefined benchmarks(More)
OBJECTIVE TO CLINICALLY AND RADIOGRAPHICALLY COMPARE THE RESULTS OF TREATMENT OF HALLUX VALGUS, BY TWO ADDITION OSTEOTOMY TECHNIQUES: one using resected exostosis, and the other using a plate fixation for addition wedge. METHODS We evaluated 24 feet of 19 patients, mean age 51.3 years, affected by hallux valgus, with a mean follow-up of 50.1 months. 13(More)
The medical training model is currently immersed in a process of change. The new paradigm is intended to be more effective, more integrated within the healthcare system, and strongly oriented towards the direct application of knowledge to clinical practice. Compared with the established training system based on certification of the completion of a series or(More)
A significant fraction of military soldiers sustain nerve injury and use tobacco or nicotine containing products. Healing of nerve injuries is influenced by many factors, such as degree of original injury, healing potential of the nerve, and general health of patient. However, recently, it has been demonstrated that the presence of retained insoluble metal(More)
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