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— Narrowband multiple-input – multiple-output (MIMO) measurements using 16 transmitters and 16 receivers at 2.11 GHz were carried out in Manhattan. High capacities were found for full, as well as smaller array configurations, all within 80% of the fully scattering channel capacity. Correlation model parameters are derived from data. Spatial MIMO channel(More)
Many patients with spinal injures are confined to wheelchairs, leading to a sedentary lifestyle with secondary pathologies and increased dependence on a carer. Increasing evidence has shown that locomotor training reduces the incidence of these secondary pathologies, but the physical effort involved in this training is such that there is poor compliance.(More)
Initial finantial support granted by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) under the " Programa Operacional Ciência, Tecnologia, Inovação " and the " Programa Operational Sociedade de Informação " is gratefully acknowledged. Abstract: The successful motor rehabilitation of stroke, traumatic brain/spinal cord/sport injured patients requires a(More)
The basic concepts for exoskeletal systems have been suggested for some time with applications ranging from construction, manufacturing and mining to rescue and emergency services. In recent years, research has been driven by possible uses in medi-cal/rehabilitation and military applications. Yet there are still significant barriers to the effective use and(More)
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