Nelson Chuang

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The advent of mammalian gene engineering and genetically modified mouse models has led to renewed interest in developing resources for referencing and quantitative analysis of mouse brain anatomy. In this study, we used diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) for quantitative characterization of anatomical phenotypes in the developing mouse brain. As an anatomical(More)
In order to assess the potential of lactobacilli to cause serious infections, we studied the prevalence of bacteremia due to Lactobacillus species during a 4-year period (1989-1992) in southern Finland, which has a population of about 2.5 million. Among 3,317 blood culture isolates, lactobacilli were identified in eight patients, five of whom had a severe(More)
The epidemiology of primary biliary cirrhosis was described as early as the 1970s, yet decades later the true frequency of this disease and its associated risk factors are still in question. There has been a wealth of data documenting the various incidence and prevalence rates across the world, demonstrating potential risk factors inherent to geographic(More)
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