Nelson Chiminacio Neto

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate with Doppler echocardiography the reversibility of structural and hemodynamic changes in obeses after bariatric surgery. METHODS Twenty-three patients (19 women = 82.6%) were studied. Mean age was 37.9 years. All subjects had Class III or Class II obesity with comorbidity and were submitted to bariatric surgery. Clinical and(More)
Chagas disease (CD) is caused by Trypanosoma cruzi, whose sugar moieties are recognized by mannan binding lectin (MBL), a soluble pattern-recognition molecule that activates the lectin pathway of complement. MBL levels and protein activity are affected by polymorphisms in the MBL2 gene. We sequenced the MBL2 promoter and exon 1 in 196 chronic CD patients(More)
Dietary supplements containing ephedrine and other alkaloids related to ephedrine are largely consumed in various countries, with the purpose of energetic stimulation and weight loss. Despite the fact that it is not approved for marketing in Brazil, these products may be freely purchased over the Internet or at gyms/fitness centers. We report the case of a(More)
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