Nelson Carreras-Sangrà

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RNase T1 is the best known representative of a large family of ribonucleolytic proteins secreted by fungi, mostly Aspergillus and Penicillium species. Ribotoxins stand out among them by their cytotoxic character. They exert their toxic action by first entering the cells and then cleaving a single phosphodiester bond located within a universally conserved(More)
A single-chain fusion protein that directed the cytolytic activity of α-sarcin to A33 tumor antigen expressing cells was constructed and shown to effectively kill targeted cells. Glycoprotein A33 (GPA33) is a well-known colon cancer marker and a humanized antibody against it was used to target the α-sarcin. The fungal ribotoxin α-sarcin is one of the most(More)
Ribotoxins constitute a family of toxic extracellular fungal RNases that exert a highly specific activity on a conserved region of the larger molecule of rRNA, known as the sarcin-ricin loop. This cleavage of a single phosphodiester bond inactivates the ribosome and leads to protein synthesis inhibition and cell death. In addition to this ribonucleolytic(More)
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