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– Visual interaction can greatly change the way engineering is performed, both in learning new materials and in terms of explaining activities between practicing professionals. This paper presents a study to develop and assess Distributed Virtual Reality (DVR) for Engineering Education. Strategic key criteria are presented followed with the development and(More)
Distance Learning physically separates the learner from the teacher often forfeiting the traditional support available in a face-to-face model. What are the issues and lessons learned in supporting teachers and learners in Distance Learning? The panelists will share their experience and lessons learned.
This paper describes the design, development, and deployment of an unmanned autonomous aerial vehicle developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology during 1990–1991. The approach taken, the system architecture, and the embedded intelligence of the project as conceived by a team of students, faculty, and industrial affiliates is reported. The project(More)
Most of the analysis codes used in the design of aerospace systems are complex, requiring some expertise to set up and execute. POST, which is used in many conceptual design studies to compute space vehicle performance characteristics, often encounters numerical difficulties in solving the defined trajectory problem. Usually POST fails to converge when its(More)
The Instructional Objective Writing Assistant (IOWA) is a simple online knowledge-based system that serves to help instructors write good course objectives. Instructional objectives are important for a number of different reasons and yet objectives are often not written, written incorrectly, or incompletely written. Instructors can use IOWA to solve the(More)