Nelson Andrade

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The main objective of this study was to compare the morphological variability of sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus L.) larvae from the main Portuguese river basins. Samples were collected in rivers Minho, Lima, Cávado, Vouga, Mondego, Tejo and Guadiana. Specimens were analysed in terms of morphometric (linear body measures) and meristic (number of myomeres)(More)
Historical spawning grounds for sea lampreys (Petromyzon marinus L.) in most Portuguese river basins are becoming inaccessible due to the construction of impassable dams and/or weirs. Studies like the one described in this paper are particularly important in areas like the Vouga river basin, where there is a considerable fishing effort from both(More)
Forty-three patients with epilepsy resistant to drug therapy were submitted to temporal lobe epilepsy surgery at the Instituto de Neurologia de Curitiba, from 1998 to 2003. Thirty-nine patients (90.6%) had mesial temporal sclerosis, and four had brain tumors. According to Engel's rating, 83.7% from 37 patients with complete postoperative evaluation were(More)
Internet of Things (IoT) is a topic of growing interest and intensive research in industry, technological centers and academy, where data communication is one of its most relevant aspects. Since IoT is an open field for new applications, it does not have yet a standard communication protocol. This paper presents the system level design of a WiFi receiver(More)
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