Nelson Acosta

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High-speed digital designs exhibit a moderate logic depth, gate count, and wiring capacitance. These three characteristics are also essential conditions for a low-power operation. Therefore, blocks with lower area or higher bandwidth can be good candidates to have a moderated power figure. This fact opens a way to overcome the lack of low-power EDA tools(More)
— The accuracy of a standard market receiver GPS (Global Positioning System) is near 10-15 meters the 95% of the times. To reach a sub-metric level of accuracy some techniques must be used [1]. This article describes some of these procedures to improve the positioning accuracy by using a low-cost GPS in a differential relative positioning way. The proposed(More)
The Wi-Fi positioning systems available for enclosed spaces use the existing network infrastructure to calculate the position of the mobile device (MD). The most commonly used parameter is RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator). In this paper, we analyze the Fingerprint technique considering some variations aimed at improving the accuracy of the(More)
In this paper a compiler capable of generate Multiple Instruction Single Data (MISD) architectures for feature vector calculation is presented. The input is a high-level language, avoiding to developers to involve in low level design. Instead, the output is expressed in a Hardware Description Language (HDL), and can be used for FPGA configuration. A FPGA is(More)
Resumen En este trabajo se muestra la conexión entre la profundidad de lógica y el determinismo de las herramientas de emplazamiento y rutado. La idea se verifica mediante una serie de experimentos utilizando herramientas y silicio del fabricante de FPGAs Xilinx. Abstract In this work, a relationship between logic depth and the determinism of the place and(More)
Resumen: En este artículo se presenta una herramienta para el análisis de la interconexión de circuitos mapeados en FPGAs. A partir de los ficheros de información post-layout, el programa permite seleccionar subconjuntos de pistas de un determinado fanout, graficar histogramas de retardos, calcular estadísticas, analizar skew de reloj, o exportar esta(More)