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Quality of service (QoS) support in mobile ad hoc networks (MANET) is a very challenging task because of the dynamic topology, limited resources and wireless link characteristics. The optimized link state routing protocol (OLSR) is a pro-active routing protocol for MANET. The metric used in OLSR protocol is hop count, which is not suitable for the wireless(More)
—Most of the proposed MAC and routing protocols for wireless sensor networks (WSNs) consider energy efficiency as the main objective and assume data traffic with unconstrained delivery requirements. However, applications such as rescue and disaster recovery, and tracking moving objects demand end-to-end performance guarantees as the timely delivery of data(More)
Extended network life is one of the fundamental objectives in the design of wireless sensor network systems. Clustering protocols help in achieving this objective in an efficient and scalable manner by organizing nodes into small hierarchical groups. In single hop clustering protocols, assumptions are made about direct communication from the cluster heads(More)
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