Nelly Villamizar

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The spline space C r k (∆) attached to a subdivided domain ∆ of R d is the vector space of functions of class C r which are polynomials of degree ≤ k on each piece of this subdivision. Classical splines on planar rectangular grids play an important role in Computer Aided Geometric Design, and spline spaces over arbitrary subdivisions of planar domains are(More)
Designing mechanical devices, called linkages, that draw a given plane curve has been a topic that interested engineers and mathematicians for hundreds of years, and recently also computer scientists. Already in 1876, Kempe proposed a procedure for solving the problem in full generality, but his constructions tend to be extremely complicated. We provide a(More)
Bounds on the dimension of trivariate spline spaces: A homological approach Abstract. We consider the vector space of globally differentiable piecewise polynomial functions defined on a three-dimensional polyhedral domain partitioned into tetrahedra. We prove new lower and upper bounds on the dimension of this space by applying homological techniques. We(More)
Characterization of bivariate hierarchical quartic box splines on a three-directional grid Abstract. We consider the adaptive refinement of bivariate quar-tic C 2-smooth box-spline spaces on the three-directional (type-I) grid G. The polynomial segments of these box splines belong to a certain subspace of the space of quartic polynomials, which will be(More)
A real irrational toric variety X is an analytic subset of the simplex associated to a finite configuration of real vectors. The positive torus acts on X by translation, and we consider limits of sequences of these translations. Our main result identifies all possible Hausdorff limits of translations of X as toric degenerations using elementary methods and(More)
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