Nelly Salem

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OBJECTIVES Our purpose was to describe the effects of serious obstetric complications on maternal and perinatal outcome in pregnancies complicated by Hellp syndrome. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective study. PATIENTS Sixteen patients managed from January 1994 through December 1998 in whom pregnancy was complicated by Hellp Syndrome. RESULTS The incidence of(More)
Fluoride release from a glass-ionomer cement was measured in vivo during an 8-day period. Maxillary acrylic resin appliances, each carrying four glass-ionomer cement specimens, were worn by four subjects at night. Unstimulated whole saliva samples were collected before the subjects retired to bed (pretreatment samples) and in the morning (posttreatment(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study is to determine whether there were significant differences with respect to treatment recommendations, stage at diagnosis, and identification of high-risk lesions for women 40-49 years old undergoing screening mammography (screened) compared to women with a symptom needing a diagnostic evaluation (nonscreened). MATERIALS(More)
Dental elastomeric impression materials of different consistencies, representing addition and condensation silicones, polysulphides and a polyether, were studied to determine their mechanical properties in terms of tearing energy, tensile properties and modulus determined at high strain rates. Whilst the polysulphides had the greatest resistance to tearing,(More)
The dimensional stability of a range of elastomeric impression materials has been assessed to study the effect of storage in sterilizing solutions. Experiments were carried out on audiological silicones of condensation and addition types. Further, a number of dental-based materials comprising a polysulphide, a polyether, a condensation and an addition(More)
The dimensional stability of a range of dental elastomeric impression materials has been assessed, to study the effect of storage in sterilising solutions. Experiments were carried out on polysulphides, a poly(ether urethane) and several condensation and addition silicones. The last materials had the greatest dimensional stability over a range of storage(More)
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