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Ethnic identity in post-Soviet Belarus: ethnolinguistic survival as an argument in the political struggle
This article discusses the Belarusian case of post-communist development and the role and status of Belarusian ethnicity in Belarus' nation-formation process. ‘Nationalizing nationalism’ (Brubaker),Expand
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"Hybrid" Linguistic Identity of Post-Soviet Belarus
The issue of Belarusian language politics can be analysed across two different dimensions: as an element of nation-building strategy in postSoviet Belarus; and as part of a linguistic human rightsExpand
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Chapter 7. Post-Soviet Conditions for Independence
Jan Zaprudnik in his 1993 book Belarus at a Crossroads in History referred to Belarus’s first years of independence as “a laboratory of changes.” At the time when the book was written the country wasExpand
Chapter 14. The Paradox of “National Pride”
Chapter 6. Byelorussian Republic within the Soviet State
It has long been noted that Belarus is not a subject of special interest to either Europe or the rest of the world. The interest is of course declared, as ignoring a country located in directExpand
Chapter 2. State and Nation
The issue of the relations between the state and the nation is one of the most significant ones in the nation definition. According to Gellner, Hobsbawm, and Anderson, a “state” is practically aExpand
Studies in Social Sciences, Philoasophy and History of Ideas
Studies in Social Sciences, Philoasophy and History of Ideas Jozef Niznik (ed.), Twentieth Century Wars in European Memory Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2013, pp. 288. ISBN 978-3-631-62785-3Expand