Nelly Barbot

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This article is interested in the problem of the linguistic content of a speech corpus. Depending on the target task, the phonological and linguistic content of the corpus is controlled by collecting a set of sentences which covers a preset description of phonological attributes under the constraint of an overall duration as small as possible. This goal is(More)
This article is interestedin the problem of the linguisticcon-tent of a speech corpus. Depending on the target task (speech recognition, speech synthesis, etc) we try to control the phono-logical and linguistic content of the corpus by collecting an optimal set of sentences which make it possible to cover a pre-set description of phonological attributes(More)
Analogical proportions are statements involving four entities , of the form 'A is to B as C is to D'. They play an important role in analogical reasoning. Their formalization has received much attention from different researchers in the last decade, in particular in a proposi-tional logic setting. Analogical proportions have also been algebraically defined(More)
This article describes a F 0 curve estimation scheme based on a B-spline model 1. We compare this model with more classical spline representation. The free parameters of both models are the number of knots and their location. An optimal location is proposed using a simulated an-nealing strategy. Experiments on real F 0 curves confirm the adequacy and good(More)
Set covering algorithms are efficient tools for solving an optimal linguistic corpus reduction. The optimality of such a process is directly related to the descriptive features of the sentences of a reference corpus. This article suggests to verify experimentally the behaviour of three algorithms, a greedy approach and a lagrangian relaxation based one(More)