Nelly Aguilera

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The regeneration potential of D.alata L. germplasm preserved in vitro was compared with the micropropagation of fresh material. Nodal cuttings were conserved for 9 months in different treatments based on D-571 culture medium modified, using several variable components (mannitol, benzylaminopurine and activated charcoal). Regeneration at 8 weeks, assessed by(More)
Preliminary evidence from hospital discharges hints enormous disparities in infant hospital mortality rates. At the same time, public health agencies acknowledge severe deficiencies and variations in the quality of medical services across public hospitals. Despite these concerns, there is limited evidence of the contribution of hospital infrastructure and(More)
OBJECTIVE Tanzania, Mexico, and the United States are at vastly different points on the economic development scale. Yet, their health systems can be classified as "developing": they do not live up to their potential, considering the resources available to them. The three, representing many others, share a common structural deficiency: a segregated health(More)
We thank our reviewers wholeheartedly because the most challenging task we have as journal editors is finding colleagues willing to review submissions and to complete the reviews. Reviewers give us advice and help the authors of promising submissions to make them better. We give special thanks to those who helped us with multiple reviews. We received about(More)
OBJECTIVE Evaluate the capacity of the federal legal framework to govern financing of health institutions in the public sector through innovative schemes--otherwise known as functional integration--, enabling them to purchase and sell health services to and from other public providers as a strategy to improve their performance. MATERIALS AND METHODS Based(More)
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