Nelly A. Kalinina

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Respiratory viral infections constitute the most frequent reason for medical consultations in the World. They can be associated with a wide range of clinical manifestations ranging from self-limited upper respiratory tract infections to more devastating conditions such as pneumonia. In particular, in serious cases influenza A leads to pneumonia, which is(More)
Light- and fluorescence-microscopy examinations of 186 placentas were carried out, with concurrent determination of placental interferon, isolation of influenza virus, and serologic tests of maternal and fetal blood, and amniotic fluid. In 32 of the cases, placentitis caused by serotype A or B of influenza virus was present, characterized by hyperplasia and(More)
The protective activity of Ingavirin against experimental infection caused by influenza B virus was studied on albino mice vs. Arbidol. Oral use of Ingavirin was shown to decrease the infectious titers of the virus in the animal lung tissue, to normalize the body weight dynamics, to lower the mortality and to increase the average lifespan vs. the(More)
Despite obvious success in the vaccine development and chemotherapy of influenza, it remains a poorly controlled infection leading to emergence of new pandemic variants of the virus with high morbidity and mortality. We investigated the protective activity of Ingavirin against the lethal influenza A (H1N1) 2009 virus infection on albino mice. Oral use of(More)