Nelly A. Delessy

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The development of software has recently changed significantly. With the ubiquity of computing, users may need to access a wider range of applications, which may not know them in advance. Thus there is a need for dynamic trust establishment and identity exchange protocols and whatever security model is used must support these aspects. As a way to make these(More)
SOA enables the design of flexible and modular software applications that can be used in a cross-organization context. Unfortunately, those qualities have a negative impact on the security of the software application. In this paper, we provide an approach to build secure SOA applications that takes into account the new security issues introduced by the(More)
Web services are becoming an important way for enterprises to interoperate. Many security standards have been developed for web services, but they are still vulnerable to a variety of attacks; lack of security is one of the main reasons given by people who are reluctant to use web services even knowing of their advantages. A problem with web services(More)
Distributed systems introduce a new variety of security threats. The organizations that own those systems must protect their information assets from attacks. To do this we need to start with high-level models that represent the security policies of the institution. We present patterns that derive from traditional models: first, the Policy-Based Access(More)
Web services are an important way for enterprises to interoperate. They are also becoming important for user access to services that depend on location and they are appearing in mobile devices. We consider the security standards needed for the use of web services in wireless networks. Web services security standards are used for the secure design of the(More)
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