Nello Martini

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Pharmaceutical expenditure is a challenge to the financial compatibility of health systems because it is growing faster (+11% per year in the last 5 years in Italy) than any other health sector. In order to curb public pharmaceutical expenditure 2 interventions are commonly used: delisting (de-reimbursement) and reference price, with the difference being(More)
Since January 1995, all European Union applications for marketing approval for medicinal products derived from biotechnology and other drugs considered potentially innovative follow the EMEA centralized procedure. In order to assess the overall degree of therapeutic innovation of these drugs, we considered, for each approved agent, its target, the(More)
Mutations in ATRX are associated with a wide and clinically heterogeneous spectrum of X-linked mental retardation syndromes. The ATRX protein, involved in chromatin remodelling, belongs to the family of SWI/SNF DNA helicases and contains a plant homeodomain (PHD)-like domain. To date, more than 60 different mutations have been reported in ATRX. One of them(More)
We report two new substitutions, IVS-I-108 (T-->C) and -27 (A-->T), identified in a couple at risk for beta-thalassemia. One is of Iranian origin and presents with two mutations: a new substitution of T-->C at nucleotide IVS-I-108, which is a silent polymorphism, and a previously described beta-thalassemia mutation at nucleotide -28 (A-->C). The other is(More)
At the end of 2006 a country-based surveillance program on natalizumab therapy in multiple sclerosis was settled in Italy by a collaborative effort of the Italian Drug Agency (AIFA) and a group of experts and neurologists appointed by the National Society of Neurology (SIN). After 2 years, 1,818 patients are registered in the database. The majority of cases(More)
AIMS Patients with heart failure (HF) randomized in controlled trials are generally selected and do not fully represent the 'real world'. The purpose of this study is to better describe the characteristics of HF by analysing administrative data of a population of nearly 2 500 000 subjects. METHODS AND RESULTS Data came from the ARNO Observatory including(More)
Thalassaemia intermedia is a moderate form of thalassaemia resulting from various genetic defects. We report an undescribed mechanism leading to this condition: a somatic deletion of the beta-globin gene in the haemopoietic lineage of a heterozygous beta-thalassaemic patient. We did molecular studies and haemoglobin analysis of the patient and his parents.(More)