Nellie Schipper

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In 73 CAP-1 treated stage III and IV ovarian cancers, the prognostic significance of morphometric features and cellular DNA content has been evaluated in comparison with histologic type, grade of differentiation and a number of clinical characteristics. Borderline tumours were excluded from the study. Median follow-up was 44 months, median survival time 36(More)
Video is about to conquer the Internet. Real−time delivery of video content is technically possible to any desktop and mobile device, even with modest connections. The main problem hampering massive (re)usage of video content today is the lack of effective content based tools that provide semantic access. In this contribution we discuss systems for both(More)
During the last decade, performance improvements in top sports have been increasingly driven by technological innovations. This paper discusses the application of video analysis for training registration in swimming. In current practice, coaches have limited means to evaluate objectively and quantitatively how a training session was carried out. We propose(More)
BACKGROUND Previously, we showed cancer cells rely on the MTH1 protein to prevent incorporation of otherwise deadly oxidised nucleotides into DNA and we developed MTH1 inhibitors which selectively kill cancer cells. Recently, several new and potent inhibitors of MTH1 were demonstrated to be non-toxic to cancer cells, challenging the utility of MTH1(More)
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