Nelli K. Akhmatova

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Tγδ and B1 lymphocytes are essential components of the mucosal immune system, activated directly by different bacterial and viral ligands without additional costimulatory signals and preprocessing of other immune effectors. This ability enables the immune system to provide rapid protection against pathogens and contributes to the decoding mechanism of the(More)
In the overwhelming majority of countries inactivated vaccines, which form mainly humoral immunity, are used for prevention of influenza. The objective of the study was to assess the combined effect of inactivated influenza vaccine and chitozan on cellular immunity in CBA line mice. Intramuscular administration of 2 doses (with 4 week interval) of(More)
AIM To determine level of Toll-like receptors (TLRs) expression in spleen and lymphatic nodes of mice after immunization by mucosal routes. MATERIALS AND METHODS Mice were immunized with polycomponent vaccine Immunovac either by mucosal or subcutaneous route. Expression of TLRs in spleen, respiratory tract-associated lymphatic nodes as well as in small(More)
We report the effect of a bovine serum albumin (BSA) conjugate of a synthetic hexasaccharide (HS) related to the fragment of the capsular polysaccharide (PS) of Streptococcus pneumoniae type 14 on the stimulation of innate immune system and the subsequent development of a PS-specific antibody response. Glycoconjugate (GC) in the presence (GC + AL) or(More)
We studied the effects of immunization with a conjugate of carrier protein and hexasaccharide ligand related to a fragment of capsular of Str. pneumoniae serotype 14 polysaccharide chain on activation of innate and adaptive immunity. It was found that two-fold immunization with the glycoconjugate adsorbed on aluminum hydroxide significantly increased the(More)
Cold-adapted (CA) strains A/Krasnodar/35 and B/Victoria/63 were isolated using passages of A/Krasnodar/101/59 and B/Victoria/2/87 wild type strains at low temperatures. The resulting CA strains possessed TS and CA phenotypes and had a reduced ability to reproduce in mouse lungs and nasal turbinates. They displayed a high protective efficacy in experiments(More)
The effect of sulfated polysaccharide fucoidan from the brown alga Laminaria japonica on morphological characteristics of mouse lymphoid organs, subpopulations of spleen mononuclear leukocytes, cytokine production and cytotoxic activity of splenocytes has been investigated. Fucoidan promoted activation and proliferation of lymphoid hematopoietic cells in(More)
We studied cytotoxic activity and immunophenotype of mononuclear cells isolated from the liver of mice after implantation of ovarian cancer cells into the liver parenchyma. The isolated cells exhibited higher natural killer cell activity and possessed higher cytotoxic potential against autologous tumor cells compared to spleen lymphocytes. The ratio of CD3+(More)
AIM Study epitopic specificity of synthetic disaccharide, recurring link of serotype 3 S. pneumoniae, conjugated with bovine serum albumin (BSA). MATERIALS AND METHODS Conjugate of the synthetic disaccharide with BSA was obtained by squarate method. Antigenic activity of the conjugate was studied in competitive EIA. Titers of IgG against capsule(More)
The effects of various sulfated polysaccharides of brown algae Fucus evanescens, Saccharina cichorioides and Saccharina japonica on the morphofunctional changes of dendritic cells have been investigated using flow cytometry and phase-contrast microscopy. The dendritic cells are characterized by larger sizes, vacuolated cytoplasm, eccentrically located(More)