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Retinal S-opsin dominance in Ansell’s mole-rats (Fukomys anselli) is a consequence of naturally low serum thyroxine
Mammals usually possess a majority of medium-wavelength sensitive (M-) and a minority of short-wavelength sensitive (S-) opsins in the retina, enabling dichromatic vision. Unexpectedly, subterraneanExpand
Evaporative water loss in seven species of fossorial rodents: Does effect of degree of fossoriality and sociality exist?
In terrestrial endotherms, evaporation is a significant mechanism of water loss in hot environments. Although water is passively lost by evaporation, individuals can regulate it at different levels.Expand
Behavioural plasticity of motor personality traits in the common vole under three-day continual observation in a test box
In animals, behavioural personality traits have been well-documented in a wide array of species. However, these traits, different between individuals, are not completely stable in individuals. TheyExpand