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The aim of the study was to explore the clinical value of serum human epididymis secretory protein E4 (HE4) and CA125 in endometrial carcinoma. From January 2010 to April 2012, serum specimens were collected from consecutive cases of endometrial carcinoma and from cases of uterus benign disease (control group). The CA125 normal value is considered less than(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate volumetric changes of uterine myomas (fibroids) during pregnancy. METHODS This was an observational, longitudinal and prospective study of 38 consecutive Caucasian women with singleton pregnancies and a total of 42 uterine myomas, enrolled from a cohort of 1492 women who took part in our first-trimester Down syndrome screening(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of music on anxiety and perception of pain during office hysteroscopy. DESIGN Prospective randomized trial (Canadian Task Force classification I). SETTING Major university medical center. INTERVENTIONS Three hundred fifty-six patients were enrolled between July 2012 and January 2013. Hysteroscopy was(More)
Amniotic band sequence (ABS) is the term applied to a wide range of congenital anomalies, most typically limb and digital amputations and constriction rings, that occur in association with fibrous bands (1). These alterations may be associated or not with cutaneous and visceral abnormalities.This work, which is a literature review, examines several studies(More)
Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS) could be considered as a disease that causes resistance to androgens actions, influencing both the morphogenesis and differentiation of the body structures, and systems in which this hormone exerts its effects. It depends on an X-linked mutations in the Androgen Receptor (AR) gene that express a variety of phenotypes(More)
PURPOSE It is often difficult to distinguish a benign endometrial disease from a malignancy and tools to help the physician are needed to triage patients into high and low risk of endometrial cancer. The purpose of this study was to obtain a predictive model to assess the risk of endometrial malignancy (REM) in women with ultrasound endometrial(More)
INTRODUCTION recent studies have proposed the introduction of cell-free fetal DNA testing (NIPT-Non Invasive Prenatal Testing) in routine clinical practice emphasizing its high sensibility and specificity. In any case, false positive and false negative findings may result from placental mosaicism, because cell-free fetal DNA originates mainly from placenta.(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the quality of life (QoL) of women affected by endometrial cancer treated with surgery with or without systematic lymphadenectomy. STUDY DESIGN Consecutive patients affected by stages I and II endometrial cancer and treated with surgery between 2008 and 2011 were selected. Eligible subjects were divided into two groups: Group A(More)
Thyroid diseases are common during pregnancy and an adequate treatment is important to prevent adverse maternal and fetal outcomes. Subclinical diseases are very frequent but not easily recognized without specific screening programs. In this article we try to summarize the knowledge on the physiologic change of the thyroid and pathological function during(More)