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Two cell lines derived from primary human renal-cell cancers (RCC) have been established and characterized. Cell line 786-O has been in culture for longer than 1 year and has been subcultured more than 50 times. It has a doubling time of 45 hr and a hypertriploid karyotype and possesses a Y chromosome. Cell line 769-P also has been in culture for longer(More)
BACKGROUND Whether or not cytokine secretion is impaired in patients with small-cell lung cancer (SCLC), is unknown. We therefore investigated whether cytokine secretion by immunocompetent cells may be suppressed in patients with SCLC. PATIENTS AND METHODS We determined cytokine secretion by lymphocytes and monocytes in whole blood cell cultures from 58(More)
Monoclonal antibodies were raised against normal human bone marrow cells. One of the antibodies obtained, monoclonal antibody 3C4 (MA 3C4), the subject of this paper, was characterised by immunofluorescence studies with viable normal peripheral blood and bone marrow cells and by immunoperoxidase studies using paraffin sections. In bone marrow and peripheral(More)
A technique for initiating cultures of epithelial (urothelial) cells from mammalian urinary bladder has been described. Urothelial cells obtained by this method have been used to support replication of viruses and as controls for immunological, biochemical, chromosome, and electron microscopy studies. Both light and electron microscopic studies of cultured(More)