Nelida Conejo-Jimenez

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Inborn brain differences in metabolic capacity were mapped in congenitally helpless rats, a genetically selected strain predisposed to show helpless and depressive behavior. There are a number of brain regions showing abnormal metabolism in adult congenitally helpless rats. Some of these alterations may be innate while others may be due to environmental(More)
We tested the hypothesis that adolescent Sprague-Dawley females may be more resistant than males to display impulsive behavior and lower prefrontal cortex thickness after mother-infant separation (MS). Starting at postnatal day 2 (P2), the MS group was separated 6 hr/day and the early handled (EH) group 15 min/day for 10 days, and another group was standard(More)
The juvenile brain undergoes marked maturational changes accompanied by major sex hormone changes. In particular, sex differences in neural substrates could underlie male-specific dysfunction in behavioral responses related to the prefrontal cortex. Sex differences in regional metabolic capacity of the cerebral cortex were investigated in juvenile(More)
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