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We demonstrate that the one-loop anomalous dimension matrix in N = 2 SYMwith a single chiral hypermultiplet of fundamental matter, which is dual to AdS5×S with a D7-brane filling AdS5 and wrapped around an S 3 in the S5, is an integrable open spin chain Hamiltonian. We also use the doubling trick to relate these open spin chains to closed spin chains in(More)
We present a calculation of the four-loop anomalous dimension of the SU(2) sector Konishi operator in N = 4 SYM, as an example of “wrapping” corrections to the known result for long operators. We use the known dilatation operator at four loops acting on long operator, and just calculate those diagrams which are affected by the change from operator length L(More)
We present a simple procedure to construct non-local conserved charges for classical open strings on coset spaces. This is done by including suitable reflection matrices on the classical transfer matrix. The reflection matrices must obey certain conditions for the charges to be conserved and in involution. We then study bosonic open strings on AdS5×S. We(More)
We study the holographic description of string theory in a plane wave spacetime by taking the Penrose limit of the usual AdS/CFT correspondence. We consider three-point functions with two BMN operators and one non-BMN operator; the latter should go over to a perturbation of the dual CFT. On the string side we take the Penrose limit of the metric(More)