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Seed dormancy and germination of the European Chaerophyllum temulum (Apiaceae), a member of a trans-Atlantic genus.
BACKGROUND AND AIMS The European Chaerophyllum temulum and two North American Chaerophyllum species have a trans-Atlantic disjunct distribution. This work aimed to resolve requirements for dormancyExpand
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Multiple environmental signals required for embryo growth and germination of seeds of Selinum carvifolia (L.) L. and Angelica sylvestris L. ( Apiaceae )
Germination and dormancy breaking requirements were studied in Selinum carvifolia (L.) L. and Angelica sylvestris L. ( Apiaceae ). Seeds of these two species have an underdeveloped embryo and areExpand
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Morphological and physiological dormancy in seeds of Aegopodium podagraria (Apiaceae) broken successively during cold stratification
A low-temperature requirement for dormancy break has been observed frequently in temperate-climate Apiaceae species, resulting in spring emergence of seedlings. A series of experiments was performedExpand
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Seasonal dormancy cycles in the biennial Torilis japonica ( Apiaceae ), a species with morphophysiological dormancy
Torilis japonica (Apiaceae) has a widespread distribution, extending from western Europe to eastern Asia. In Europe, it usually behaves as a springgerminating biennial species. Ripe seeds of T.Expand
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